About Us

Better & Brighter Homecare is dedicated to bringing to the Indian consumer new or significantly improved homecare products, which offer convenient solutions to everyday problems. With changing family dynamics, there is a strong need for convenience products. Our carefully researched product lines offer innovative solutions that help to reduce time spent on household chores, and help maintain hygiene and ambience in the home with minimal effort.

While we do not claim that our products are 100% natural, we try to use natural ingredients as far as possible. Usage of chemical preservatives are reduced to the lowest effective dosage without compromising on product quality and functionality and chemical ingredients are substituted for natural ingredients wherever feasible.

Better & Brighter Homecare Pvt. Ltd. was established in June 2009. Currently we have two offices, in Kolkata and Mumbai.

If you have any questions regarding our products or brands write to us at: info@betterandbrighter.com