Frago - Fridge


Frago Fridge is an innovative product that eliminates odours, in the fridge preventing cross contamination of food smells and flavours. Made from natural ingredients, it is fragrance free and safe for use in proximity to all types of food.



What does Frago Fridge do?

  • Kills odour in the fridge
  • Prevents cross contamination of food smells and flavours
  • Keeps food fresh

Duration - Lasts up to 90 days


How do I use Frago Fridge?

Remove white cover and peel off foil. Leave sponge intact. Put back cover and place Frago in your fridge.


Made from natural ingredients.

1. Gel (100 gms):

Plant Extract (deodoriser): This extract has deodorizing properties and is completely safe for humans. So safe that it is included in the daily diet of certain cultures!

Carrageenan: is a seaweed extract that is widely used as an additive in food and medicines. It has the additional property of being a deodorizer.
Propylene Glycol: This is an organic compound and is used in a variety of pharmaceutical formulations, both topical and oral)

Other Ingredeints: Purified water, preservatives, colour and alcohol.

2. Activated Charcoal (50 grams):
Is a form of carbon that has been treated to make it extremely porous. Certain grades are taken orally by people suffering from gastritis



Q1. What fridge size is Frago Fridge recommended for?
A1. Up to 500 Lts.

Q2. Can I use Frago Fridge in the freezer?
A2. No, this only for refrigerator use.

Q3. Does Frago Fridge have a smell of its own?
A3. No, Frago Fridge does not have a smell of its own, therefore is safe to be used in proximity to food.



MRP is Rs.149.00 only.