Frago - Pearls


Frago Pearls give you an innovative way to keep your home smelling fresh and welcoming. Unlike other air fresheners, Frago Pearls eliminate present odours, instead of simply masking these with perfume. The neutralising pearls eliminate odours, while the fragrance pearls release a refreshing fragrance, delicately perfuming the air. Attractive to look at, Frago Pearls add to the beauty of your home.

Available in two fragrances: Berry Burst and Ocean Mist.


What do Frago Pearls do?

  • Eliminates odors
  • Gently perfume the environment

Duration - Lasts up to 60 days


How to use?

Remove the card box and detach plastic lid. Peel off plastic sheet, leaving the perforated sheet below intact. Put the plastic lid back on, ensuring it clips into place and keep in desired place.


Made from natural ingredients.

Plant Extract (deodoriser): This extract has deodorizing properties and is completely safe for humans. So safe that it is included in the daily diet of certain cultures!

Carrageenan: is a seaweed extract that is widely used as an additive in food and medicines. It has the additional property of being a deodorizer.

Surfactant: or surface active agent are wetting agents that allow liquids to spread easily by lowering the surface tension of the liquid. Soap and detergents being common surfactants.

Propylene Glycol: This is an organic compound and is used in a variety of pharmaceutical formulations, both topical and oral)

Other Ingredeints: Purified water, preservatives, colour and alcohol.



Q1. Can I use these Frago Pearls in my cupboard?
A1. Yes, you use Frago Pearls in your cupboards, drawers or any living space.

Q2. How long will the Frago Pearls last?
A2. Frago Pearls will last up to 60 days.

Q3. How will I know that the Frago Pearls are over?
A3. The size of the pearls will start decreasing and once the pearls disappear or are reduced to 5 to 10% of their original size these should be replaced.

Q4. My Frago Pearls box has some liquid at the bottom. Is this normal?
A4. Yes, this is normal.



MRP is Rs.149.00 only.