Frago - Spray


First of its kind, Frago Spray not only eliminates all odours from your rooms, cars and offices, but also from your clothes, car seats, carpets, and a variety of other surfaces. Unlike other air fresheners that simply mask odours with their perfume, Frago Spray completely eliminates the odour, without leaving behind any fragrance. Frago Spray has a light floral perfume that quickly dissipates, leaving your home and belongings smelling naturally fresh.



What does Frago Fridge do?

  • Eliminates odour
  • Keeps air fresh, clean and healthy to breathe
  • Keeps clothes, carpets, cars and any other surfaces odour free

Works on a variety of odours including, cigarettes, naphthalene balls, sweat, etc. It can be safely used on most fabrics and carpets when used as directed. Not recommended for silks and leather.


How do I use Frago Spray?

Turn nozzle to ON position and spray 2-6 squirts around the room or on your chosen surface. Take care to hold the nozzle 6cm away from your chosen surface. The floral fragrance will dissipate in a few minutes leaving the room or surface odour free. Frago Spray can be used to neutralise food and cigarette odours from rooms, and to remove a variety of odours from your clothes, carpets, car seats etc.


Made from natural ingredients.

Plant Extract (deodoriser): This extract has deodorizing properties and is completely safe for humans. So safe that it is included in the daily diet of certain cultures!

Surfactant: or surface active agent are wetting agents that allow liquids to spread easily by lowering the surface tension of the liquid. Soap and detergents being common surfactants.

Other Ingredients: Purified water, preservatives, fragrance and alcohol.



Q1. Is it safe to spray on clothes?
A1. Yes, it is safe to spray on clothes. Not recommended for silk.

Q2. Where can I use Frago spray?
A2. This Spray can be used to remove smells from all living spaces including cars, smoking rooms etc. It can also be used on clothes, car seats, gym bags, carpets and a variety of other surfaces.



MRP is Rs.149.00 only.