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    Petite Box

    Petite Box

    Absorbia Petite Box has been especially designed to conveniently fit in to corners.  Petite box is a space saver, yet does not compromise on performance. Lasts for 60 days, depending on humidity conditions. For use in cupboards, kitchen closets, bathroom storage and any enclosed space within 100 square feet. 

    Spill Proof. Fragrance free. 

    Contents: 200 Gms per box

    Absorbia traps excess moisture to prevent damage caused by humidity. Absorbia protects you from:


    Mould & Fungus
    Musty Smells

    Where to use:

    Entirely spill proof, this box can be used in toy chests, bed boxes, kitchen and shoe cabinets and other storage spaces to protect clothes, food, towels, linen, shoes and books from harmful mould, fungus and musty smells. Learn more.

    How to use: 

    Simply remove the aluminum foil cover, leaving the white filter below intact. Place the box as desired, and rest easy. Use one box per closet or cabinet. Lasts up to 45 days depending on humidity conditions. Learn more .

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