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    Absorbia Odour buster with activated charcoal removes not only excess moisture but also smells that linger; Activated charcoal removes all existing odours and keeps your spaces smelling fresh. Removes harmful mould, fungus and all kinds of smells in enclosed spaces.  Spill proof; Frag..
    Absorbia Slim Sachet package comes with two pouches. These spillproof and fragrance-free pouches have been designed to be used in compact storage spaces like drawers, bed boxes, and other small chests. They last up to 30 days, depending on weather conditions. Contents: 80 Gms per pouchAbsorbia ..
    The Sachet has been designed for use in compact storage spaces. It can be conveniently used in drawers, smaller  chests & bed boxes, suitcases and kitchen cabinets. Lasts up to 30 days depending on humidity conditions.Spill proof. Fragrance Free.Contents: 100 Gms per Sachet A..
    The Re-usable Box has been designed for use in larger spaces such as storerooms, spare rooms and lofts. The box comes with a convenient Refill Pouch. Once the contents of the Refill Pouch have been exhausted, simply drain the moisture collected in the lower compartment and replace with a new pouch.&..
    ABSORBIA Moisture Absorber Survival pack defends your entire house from moisture damage.  ABSORBIA protects your belongings from all types of moisture damage, say goodbye to musty smell, moulds and fungusContents: (Total 9 items) The pack includes 2 pieces of ABSORBIA Classic box, 2 p..
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